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Beginning its mission on September 26, 1990, the Associação Juvenil de Peniche has already worked with countless children and young people from the city of Peniche, actively participating in society in which it is inserted.


The AJP operates in three main areas:


The Free Time Activities Center (CATL), for children aged 6 to 12, aims to ensure that all children have a safe space with adequate monitoring.
CATL serves as a time extension during academic and non-academic periods and has a cooperation agreement
with social security.

The International Projects, where AJP receives volunteers
from all over Europe and the rest of the world, making them an integral part of the education of CATL children, thus promoting a more conscious growth of equality and social inclusion, accepting cultural differences and valuing traditions. Likewise, the AJP also offers opportunities exchange in Europe where young people have the possibility getting to know different cultures and life habits up close, as well as developing and debating ideas related to the chosen theme. These projects, under the Erasmus+ Program, are one of the great pillars of AJP and which have had the most positive effects on the community.


Finally, the Cultural and Environmental Projects, where Book Fairs and environmental protection projects. The Book Fair has been organized by the AJP for more than two decades at the Clube Recreativo Penichense, taking place annually in the summer, at Easter and at Christmas. During these periods, the Fair of the book welcomes writers and storytellers through of the cultural program, developed in parallel with the Municipality.
Within the scope of the Blue Flag Project, we collaborate with
the Municipality of Peniche in promoting various activities
of environmental education on the seven beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, the objective of which is to incite young people to the importance of cleaning beaches and oceans.



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Rua Dr. João Matos Bilhau 28 Ap. 45 2524-909 Peniche

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