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During school interruptions, CATL continues to operate, at a time different from the school period, where we receive our children from 9 am to 6 pm and where we provide support at lunch. The Easter, Summer and Christmas activities have a variety of recreational, socio-cultural and educational activities full of animation and fun, but also a lot of learning and knowledge.

Our plan includes activities such as:

- Support for school work for holidays; 

- Environmental awareness and awareness activities; 

- Citizenship and/or education activities; 

- Recreational and sociocultural activities; 

- Gardening workshops; 

- Cooking activities; 

- Going to the beach and water activities (during summer school breaks); 

- Sports activities (basketball, football, tennis, …)

- Activities carried out and organized by our international volunteers (intercultural sharing, foreign language workshops, international cuisine workshops); 

- Activities of dramatic expression and/or plastic expression; 

- Meditation and relaxation activities; 

- Activities in partnership with other associations, organizations or companies; 

- Visits to museums and/or other places in Peniche and outside the municipality of Peniche. 

Children will have the opportunity during this non-school time to learn and learn in a fun and diversified way! 


For more information contact via email or through the telephone number 961 377 635.


+351 961 377 635

* chamada para rede móvel Nacional


+351 262 785 262
* chamada para rede
fixa Nacional

Rua Dr. João Matos Bilhau 28 Ap. 45 2524-909 Peniche

Institutional partners:

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