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The Students Support Office of the Peniche Youth Association is born with
the objective of supporting the development of children and young people through family support activities –Tutoring, foreign language workshops, support child psychology and other extra activities.


Otutoring serviceaimed at children and young people from 1st to 12th grade (individually or in small groups), it aims to clarify doubts of content and filling conceptual gaps that hinder progression in the respective disciplines. In addition, it intends to prepare students for the various evaluation moments: tests, assessment tests and national exams. 


Ochild psychology supportaims to develop useful and practical strategies for the child to deal with some emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. Reinforcing and increasing children's confidence so that they know how to deal with anxiety situations is one of the main pillars of this support.


Regarding individual intervention, the psychology office has of individual psychopedagogical follow-up, with a reduced value for AJP members. This intervention is adapted to the needs of the child/youth. Here are some examples of problems that can be improved with individual intervention: disruptive/aggressive behavior; isolation; learning difficulties; difficulty in socialization; poor management of emotions; systematic breach of rules; depression; anxiety. 

CONtact US

+351 961 377 635

* chamada para rede móvel Nacional


+351 262 785 262
* chamada para rede
fixa Nacional

Rua Dr. João Matos Bilhau 28 Ap. 45 2524-909 Peniche

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